Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Kelly Taylor, say it ain't so!!!!?!?!?!?!!!

She was my FAVE girl character back in the 90210 days. I'm sure it's not because we resemble each other or anything. ha! That was all I heard growing up :)

Anyways, when I read the headline about my doppelganger getting a divorce it might or might not have brought a small tear to my eye!

Boo, I so thought they'd make it:(
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Anonymous said...

I loved her too! I wanted to be just like Kelly Taylor...well minus the addiction and messed up home life! Its probably Brenda's fault. ;)

REBrown said...

Noooo I love Peter! They've been together for so long too.

Kelly's Avenue said...

I am so sad about this


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