Monday, May 21, 2012

Bellevue Collection

I thought I'd show you a close-up of my jewelry from yesterday.
Both of these pieces are from a new flash sale site called Bellevue Collection. You can find them here on Facebook. They run their sales on Monday and Wednesday nights at 8pm EST. They are not an online store; you have to be logged in and on their page on Mon. and Wed. nights. They post pics and quantity of items, and you have to comment by saying SOLD + your email address. If they have a quantity of two in the bracelet, you have to be one of the first two people to comment.  Once they close the sale down for the night, they remove all pictures. So make sure to log on and see the preview the day of;)

They are really sweet! The first week I started getting on BC, I totally missed this bracelet. I was so bummed! However, they emailed to tell me that it would be back again next week and made sure I got one! If an item is popular, they often bring it back the next week as well. They have a lot of cute stuff; it's so hard not to buy everything! The prices are VERY reasonable, and shipping IS included in the price. I think I paid like $23 for the bracelet (can't remember), and earrings were like $14 or $16 (can't remember). AND that included shipping. Not too shabby!

Also, Bellevue included these two items in my order as free gifts! I can't wait to wear these with white pants and a tunic this summer.

 Personalized Gifts


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Those earrings are gorgeous!!! I might have to check them out on FB... too tempting!!

Regarding Rehse said...

That gold and turquoise bracelet is phenomenal!!

Muffy said...

Super cute!

REBrown said...

I love the earrings!

katie lake said...

Love it!


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