Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday Fun!

Both of my first two classes passed their state testing. Sometimes, I think what do the "good" kids get?!?!?! They do what they're supposed to, make good grades, and are often well-behaved...where's their reward? When I grew up, the reward was simple good grades, good conduct, happy parents. But still I digress...I wanted to do something nice for them. I have never had to do an office referral for these two classes, they work hard, they listen, they want good grades, and overall, they are just GOOD kids. So, this was their treat on Friday:)  My husband actually made them; he was afraid I'd make a mess in the kitchen. However, my kids thought "I" was the best baker in the world on Friday! They wanted seconds!!!!!! What they don't know won't hurt them;)
 It took awhile to get it all done, but the kids loved them!

Also, I made cupcakes for a teacher's birthday I had this year. She loves polka dots which inspired me to do the funfetti in the first place. You can barely see, but the cupcake lines are polka dot/funfetti as well! And the present I got her was a black scarf with pink polka dots that I picked up earlier this spring at Gap. When I saw the scarf, I immediately thought of her:)

Only a few more days to go before my summer vacay officially begins...
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Leslie said...

Yay for good students! It was so nice of your husband to bake for them. :) Also, the polka dot cupcakes and scarf sound very sweet!

Caroline said...

Funfetti is the best!

Whitney said...

How sweet of you!! Those cupcakes look delish... ;)

REBrown said...

What a fun teacher you are! My teachers never brought us goodies.


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