Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fashion to Figure

Awhile back Fashion to Figure contacted me about checking out their website.

Here's how they describe their brand:
FTF's mission is to make people's lives better through the ultimate full-fashion shopping experience. FTF provides a trendy full-fashion shopping experience focused exclusively on women sizes 12-26.
FTF is the only fast-fashion retail chain dedicated solely to plus-size women's fashion. Rapidly expanding with eight physical locations and a global web store, FTF provides up-to-the-minute fashion trends at the best prices. With individual service provided by FTF Stylists in an upbeat store environment, guests leave FTF feeling chic, stylish, and supremely confident. FTF was founded by the great-grandsons of Lena Bryant, the fashion revolutionary and businesswoman who founded the special size market more than 100 years ago.
FTF Stylists are fashion experts who provide unmatched personal service. We know no one comes one-size-fits-all, so FTF Stylists are trained to match our guests' body types with the fashions that make them look their best and feel confident and sexy. Our Stylists help put together outfits, give advice on what works and what doesn't, and guide our guests through the different fits and characteristics of our many fashion choices. Whatever guests need—a place to put down their bags, a place for their child to sit, or a glass of water for their husband, girlfriend or boyfriend—our Stylists will handle it all.

I checked out their clothing, and it's super cute. Not everyone is a size 0 or 00. It's nice to see normal-looking women modeling clothes. It makes it more real life, and you know how it's going to fit. Even at a size 4-6, I never look like those waif-looking girls that model clothes. Not every woman in America is stick thin and straight up and down like a board. It would be nice to see more models that are real-life versus the I only ate 5 crackers today girls. That's what I like about this site. They are not just using girls that are on the low end of their sizing; they use all range of models. You go FTF!!!!!!

 You can also visit their facebook page (this is where i borrowed the pics from)

Fashion to Figure sent me these bracelets to review: 
 These bracelets are SO cute and would go with soooo many things. Sadly, they are too big on me; I have tiny wrists. Bangles are always a hit or miss for me. However, I would hate for them to collect dust in my jewelry armoire. So, the first person to comment telling me they want them...they're all yours:)

 **All thoughts and opinions are solely my own; I was not financially compensated to write this post.

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Unknown said...

I would love the bangles. Please!

-Emily Anne

Unknown said...

i love fashion to figure and wear their clothes regularly. I seriously wish they would contact me to review them :(

Anonymous said...

I like fashion to figure every note pretty much. Those outfits are amazingly gorgeous to watch and needless to say bangles are nice as well. Thanks
mom to be gifts

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

What a beautiful website! I love the idea of normal sized women modeling the clothes. And that red dress is simply to die for!!!
Beautiful post. :)


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