Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lilly Sale!!!!

I just had to let y'all know about an AWESOME Lilly sale right now. The Persnickety Palm in Virginia is doing BOGO! It was my first time ordering there, and will def NOT be my last. The salesgirl was so helpful, and she didn't get impatient with me at all even though I know she was busy! Their sale is going through the 4th. Here's the phone number if you need it: 703-443-0948. Yesterday, I spent $149 including shipping and got these pretties:
Cleo top in azalea pink
Shorely Blue Seersucker buttercups
Shorely Blue Wiley tube top 
Shorely Blue callahan shorts

Alright, y'all. After today, it's official. NO MORE SHOPPING (until Lilly's end of summer sale--luckily i wasn't too crazy about a lot of the prints this year). I'm only allowed to shop on my honeymoon or unless it's a Holy Grail items. Time to really crack down.

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BRD said...

Wow! All of that for $150? Great deal! Thanks for sharing. :)

- DC Prep


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