Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dressed In Cotton

I've got a lot going on right now and didn't want to neglect my little space in the interwebz! Today's guest post comes from Katie. I have been following Katie for a few years now [maybe, not too long after i started blogging?]. While we haven't met in real life, we do email, and I know if we ever do meet in IRL we'd be fast friends:)

Hey y'all! This is Katie Lake stopping by to do a little guest post. You can find me over at Dressed In Cotton most days of the week. JM did a guest post for me recently and I am just delighted to return the favor!

I have been doing a little window shopping lately and I have really started to notice something about myself. I really enjoy dressing like a lady. You know what I mean? I love the idea of dressing so fun and feminine. I don't get to dress that way very often though. My work dress code is very casual. We have to dress casual most days actually. I would probably wear a dress everyday if I had my way. 

More specifically, I think I would like to dress like Audrey or Jackie. I suppose I equate Kate Spade as being the modern day version of these ladies. Her whole style is so fun and girly, with lots of color and sparkle!

Now I am a far cry from being one of these icons in my fashion sense or wallet but I am certainly willing to give it a try from time to time.

This is a dress I snagged from the Junior's department at Belk for the cool price of $12. I borrowed the belt from another dress already in my closet. 

The day I wore this outfit I kept thinking about the 50's with my rolled up, fitted pants. I think Audrey would have paired them with a white button down though. Again, these pants were a cheapy at $12 from Forever21.

Now this is a dress I wish I had snagged up when it was available but I wanted just a little too long. You can still get one at JCPenney but they no longer have this color. For $25 I might have to settle for the greenish color that is still available. 

Do you enjoy getting dressed up? Who do you image you would like to dress like?
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Unknown said...

Love to dress up! Such cute pics! I love the top dress!

katie lake said...

Thank you thank you for letting me guest post! You are a doll!

The Preppy Student said...

I love this post! you look cute in every outfit. Check out my new Southern Tide giveaway!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I love dressing up, but it SO does not fit my lifestyle. Which sucks, cause most of my closet is very dressy. Damn stupid jobs that are casual...


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