Friday, July 27, 2012

Savannah Day 6 Part 2

I bought tickets for LC's parents and us to go on the Gates and Gardens Walk by Savannah Walks.
 OOTD: Walking Tour
top: Lilly Pulitzer sleeveless polo (old)
shorts: Lilly Pulitzer in State of Mind
shoes: Tevas 

I really enjoyed this tour because our guide took us off the beaten path and to some of the squares that aren't so famous. Plus, we got to see all the beautiful ironwork Savannah's homes offer. In addition to the ironwork, our guide was pretty knowledgeable about the flora. Since it's summer, things weren't really blooming like in spring. I am sure this tour would be AMAZING to go on in March-early May when all the flowers are in bloom. Still, it was fun even though it was SOOOOOO hot that day. 

This gates is called the camellia gate due to all the iron camellias. I can't even think about how many man hours it took to create such intricate detail. So pretty!
Behind this gate was a pretty statue in a fountain in the middle of a very nice garden. 
This is a gate of an orange tree. The oranges were made of copper in order to shine; however, they are dull now. I'm sure this was beautiful in its prime. Notice the callas, roses, etc. 

If you purchase your tickets via the link I gave above, it will save you a buck or so. The tickets can be used any day at the designated time on your e-ticket, and you don't have to make a reservation.  You just show up in Reynolds Square. 

My other piece of advice is to pack a box of these: 
Luckily, I had packed a few in my toiletries bag to hold me over for a day. There is a CVS about a block from the hotel, and I ended up having to buy more due to the nasty blisters I told you I got the day before this walk. Actually, I'd probably bring two boxes. I paid almost 5-6 bucks a box for these at CVS. I'm sure they are cheaper at your local drugstore/Target, and everyday CVS was out of the CVS brand. Just a little tip! If you don't end up using them, you can always bring them back home. A product like this is always handy because eventually it happens to the best of us:)

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