Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love when this happens...

Ok, so I'm taking another time out from the Savannah posts to mention this. I hate bathing suit shopping. Not only is it about the fact that I have a love/hate relationship with my body (i need to start working out. seriously.), but I hate trying to find a swimsuit bottom that fits. It's either too small or too big, or the strings dig in my side and make me look like I have a muffin top...I could go on. Yes, I know it's probably in my head, but still I digress... However, a couple of days before our honeymoon, I totally just decided to take a glance at the bikini section in Macy's. And what do you know, there she was. I love this color purple first of all, it had side ties and not strings, and it looked like it had a little more coverage than the things I'd been seeing in VS. Honestly, I LOVE this suit. It's flattering, and I love the color! Right now it's on sale at Macy's so you should totally scoop it up:)
I found this ran true to size if that helps any:)
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