Monday, July 2, 2012

Why does this happen to me...

You know sometimes I am just too nice. I probably hear some of my friends choking or spitting out whatever bevvy of choice they're drinking right now after reading that statement. Oy vey. Overally, I do consider myself a nice person. Why do things like this always happen to me...

Last week, I received a FB message from someone I haven't seen in person in like 2-3 years. She's a friend of a friend and from what I remember, a SUPER sweet girl. I remember she already had kids and ended up marrying her baby daddy, and we all went to the bachelorette party. Good times!

Well, she asked me if I had time to do lunch on Tuesday so I could see something she's working on. Usually, when people I know or are acquainted with ask me this, it's usually about teaching. They want to do a career change and want info and thoughts on it. Well, I agreed to lunch, but I've been really busy working on getting things in order for our honeymoon such as making plans, phone calls, etc. Not to mention, I've been working on school stuff for the new year as well. I ended up having to cancel and figuring teaching was what it was about, I messaged her asking could we reschedule or talk via email. I started to get a little apprehensive since she never would say what it actually was that she needed to run by me and well, teaching is something you can talk about via email. I agreed to a lunch on Friday.

My mind starts wandering....did someone hack her FB and her phone, do they want to kidnap me. Are they going to murder me? I hope they don't want any ransom. We've just begun our lives, no ransom money here! Yeah, I can be a little dramatic. Trust me, at times, it's hilarious. Other times, sheer paranoia. ha!

I arrive at the restaurant on Friday and notice a girl outside. She's super tan, short purple dress [i remember thinking this is lunch time for most people and her dress is NOT work appropriate] with ear buds in her ear. I get inside and then, my lunch date about the mysterious thing to run by me walks in. We chat while we're in line, and then, she's like "a friend of mine is here early. We were supposed to meet up after my lunch with you." I go to get some utensils, and she's sitting with her friend. Of course, you guessed it! It's the too tan, too short purple dress girl. I sit down, and I'm AMBUSHED. It was all planned. The girl wasn't early, and those ear buds weren't for an iPod or bluetooth. They were for a laptop which the girl has already out on the table. The "mysterious" thing she's working on.....drum roll please.   A PYRAMID SCHEME VACATION OPPORTUNITY.

Y'all, I was fuming. Not only was I busy running errands, I still had things to do before going home to get ready to be in Mississippi by 5 for the Counting Crows concert. LIVID, I tell you. That doesn't even describe the emotions running through my head. murder--just kidding. throwing her laptop across the room---vandalism charge? no thanks. throwing the laptop at her---aggravated assault? probably jail time. double no thanks. sitting through video while i eat? yeah, i'll take that one. at least i don't have to talk to them.

For 16 minutes, I watched Carlos talk about how awesome it is to sell this vacation package. Cheaper trips and making residual income off building a team. Carlos went from driving his own a bright, red Corolla to a earning a BMW through this company. Then, since Carlos's mama works at the post office, she can't retire because she wouldn't be able to support herself. Carlos makes enough money on this vacation thing to take him mama to the Mercedes dealership and tells her to pick out any car, and it's on him.

Oh and I totally had to go back and add this in the post. She didn't even bother to buy my lunch. I mean, after all, this is a business lunch. She's trying to sell me some pyramid scheme that she can make money off of me on, and she doesn't even bother to buy my kid's cheese quesadilla meal that came out to a whopping 4 bucks. SHAME ON HER!!!!!!

Really? Now, I know why she wouldn't discuss it via email. No one in their right mind would do this or waste their time.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen to you!!!!!
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Sonya said...

You were nice. I would have left especially since it wasn't an important friendship. I'm still a little miffed at a friend who had somebody demonstrate some product at their house. They gave the person phone numbers and they keep calling! It's months later and they still call. Oh and it's my cell phone which really makes me mad. If you didn't buy it because you couldn't afford it why do you think that I could afford it and would be interested.

katie lake said...

Yeah I wouldn't have been so nice about. I really would have told them how inappropriate it is to trick someone into this and no one is going to buy that crap.

Whitney said...

Omg, I don't know what I would have done!!!

Kristin said...

Some people have quite the nerve. I am too nice as well so I probably would have done the exact same thing.

Unknown said...

OMG! I would have been in jail. I am the same way. My mind works the same way. Who is it ? What do they want? My mind runs 24/7 and I hate it.

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Oh Gosh. Sorry to hear this happened to you. I would have been livid. It is amusing to read about though.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I have to tell you I am laughing hysterically as I can imagine the whole's just funny how you described it all. But oh yea, I would have been MAD. In fact, I probably wouldn't have even met... at least not without knowing what it's about! You had so much going on, that's a bummer you had to waste your valuable time, geesh!


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