Sunday, August 19, 2012

Savannah Day 10

We saved this for our last day:

I had a few twitter girls and blog girls recommend this place. They told me to get there early because there would be a line. Seriously, they were NOT kidding. See pic below: 
Also, FYI, I think I remember they are not open on Saturdays or Sundays, and they're only open for lunch. We got there around 10:15ish. I was back towards the street. This was probably around 11 when I took this pic. We're closer to the front of the line. However the line is all the way to the end of the street and around the corner. My suggestion is get there at 10 am. 

This is a picture of our table. It's a communal table as in you are sat with people who most likely are ahead or behind you in line. We ended up eating with a couple who were natives from Savannah on their break from the Army Corps of Engineers, a married couple visiting his father in Savannah, and another couple vacationing like us. The food is already there when you sit down and you just pass it around. It's good southern food! It's not cheap by any means. I want to say it was around 18-20 bucks a person.

My advice is if you are staying for a week or more in Savannah, I'd definitely try it out. However, if you are just going for a few days, I'd def recommend skipping it. Buy the cookbook and save some time:)

You can make a reservation at Paula Deen's and wait less time for the same style food for around the same price. If we ever go back to Savannah, we won't go back here or to PD's. However, they were good and an experience, but once you've eaten at them once, well, that is that. Now, if you're northern, you might disagree with me:)

After eating at Mrs. Wilkes, we decided to head to Tybee Island for a few hours. Honestly, I wish we would have spent more time there. It was a beautiful day!!! We got in the water, walked down the beach, and we took a walk on the pier.
When we returned from Tybee, we showered and headed out for our last night in Savannah. Earlier in the week, I made reservations at The Olde Pink House to celebrate the ending of our honeymoon.
Photos of The Olde Pink House, Savannah
This photo of The Olde Pink House is courtesy of TripAdvisor
This building is the oldest building in Savannah, I think. I believe it was built in the 1700s, and yes, it's pink! FYI, they do take reservations. My advice is to call the day you arrive so that you can pick a day that will be good for you. If not, they'll be full. I totally understand why now!

I didn't take any pics inside because I was too busy having a good time. The food was seriously probably the BEST food hands down I had eaten while in Savannah. I am so glad we saved this for last. I literally loved everything I ate there. For an appetizer, we had the grilled marinated portabello mushrooms with blue cheese and truffle oil. Also, I had the BLT salad which was rated top on the Food Network or something like that----TDF!!! For my entree, oh my word, I can't even describe the deliciousness that is this dish! I borrowed a pic from the net:
credit: here
I had the carmelized vidalia onion sweet potato ravioli in a pecan cream sauce with a balsamic reduction. I seriously can't even think about this dish. It's so good I wish I could nab the recipe. I mean it's so good I HAVE to quit typing about it this instant before I get upset that it will be a long time before I have it again. 

Sadly, they did not have creme brulee which is my favorite dessert. The waiter did do something special for us since he knew we were on our honeymoon. He brought out a tall, silver single candlestick with one white taper candle to light the table, and he brought along this plate. Believe me, as simple as it was; it was still very good:)

The perfect way to end the perfect day!
Hope y'all enjoyed my Savannah recaps:)))))


Kelli Herrington said...

My mother n law and sister n law keep saying we are going to plan one but never do but after seeing these pics I need to def get started on the planning

Brooke said...

Looks yummy!



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