Saturday, September 15, 2012

Growing Up

It's hard to see your babies grow up...

 Yesterday, the high school had their homecoming parade, and they came around to the middle school. The high school kids toss out candy from their floats to the students, and it's just a break from the norm.

Wow! I saw some of my kids from my first year of teaching.  They had no idea it was my first year, and I think I learned more from them than they from me. It was so wonderful to see their face light up when they saw me, and a few even ran up to give me hugs and were waving profusely. One of them was even yelling that's my favorite teacher. I love her!!!! It warmed this heart of mine to see them doing well. I imagine this must be similar to what it's like to watch your own children grow up. I am SO proud of them and hope they do wonderful things in life. I know they will because I was their teacher! Bwahahahahaha! Really I do wish them all the best and hope they still come back and see me---even when they're grown. :)))
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