Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days: Day 11---A Typical Saturday

My Saturday is always booked up running errands, tidying up loose ends, grading papers, some sort of dinner, etc. I feel like Sunday is my catch up and breathe day. [cue deep sigh here] 

Today, I am running The Color Run with my bff and friends!!!! This is just a race for run and not really a time thank goodness! I haven't ran as in training/running 5ks in years. Just thought it'd be something fun to do with my friends.
 Hopefully, someone will bring their camera and we'll get a good pic. My team's name is No pain(t) No gain. Hahahahahahahahahaha:)))))))))))

Afterwards, I am helping my parents out with their yard sale. Hopefully, I'll make a little bit of money. Really, I'd be happy with enough $$$ to fill up my gas tank for the week. And, I wonder what faces I'll get at this yard sale since I'll be a rainbow of sunshine. No time for a shower. I'll have to get back to you tomorrow on that one.

Later on tonight, date with the hubs!

Btw, I wanted to show you the cute, CUTE, cute, CUTE business cards I got in the mail for my Scentsy business. Btw, I ordered these from Vistaprint.

Deleted some of the info because of the cray cray folks on the internet these days! Whatcha think? I wanted a business card that was preppy but also fun. I think I've achieved that. If not, don't let me know. Just let me think it's awesome. kthxbai.

Don't forget about Dressed in Cotton's Scentsy giveaway here. Ends Monday.
 Personalized Gifts


Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! I love your Scentsy business card design from Vista Print.

May I ask how you designed it and if you'd mind if I "borrowed" it for my own business cards, please?

Thanks so much!

southernbellejm said...

I am SO sorry I just now checked my blog. I'm due in 2 weeks and have been crazy busy this last trimester not to mention teaching!

I found the template on vistaprint. I didn't make it. I did use the Scentsy logo from the workstation I believe. Then I played around with the colors to try to match as best as possible.

Here's what I think is a link that will get you to the template.

Hope that helps!!! Let me know if you need anything else. I also did the matching labels called holiday labels. It did look a little blurry on the screen; however, they came out totally fine when printed and shipped to me. I was pretty pleased with how they all turned out for the price. I liked this much better than the workstation stuff.


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