Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 10: Positive FIRST, then negative

Teachers' rule numero uno!!! Always start with a positive comment before you make it rain bad stuff. ha:)


My friend, Dressed in Cotton, is doing a Scentsy giveaway. She's giving away one free plug-in. I use this one in my classroom all the time to mask the smell of puberty. #lifeofamiddleschoolteacher
Y'all entries are low; go enter here.

Next, I got to eat out for lunch. Fall break is coming to an end so today on the way back from the vet's office I decided to stop by Sonic. As a teacher, we don't get the luxury of just getting out of the workplace to be out of the office for a bit or the ability to eat out. So, today, I relished it! I ordered a small chili-cheese coney with onions and a small tater tot w/chili, cheese and onions. Overboard much? Nah. Just hope I don't regret this decision later! :)

BFF picked up my race packet for The Color Run tomorrow. That meant I could go straight home after Puggy's vet visit for her heartworm shot. (btw, if you give your dog the monthly chew and are bad about remembering like me---i'd def check into this. ends up being same as chews and only 2x a year!) 

Now onto the bad stuff...

Another person on FB announced they were pregnant. Gouge my eyes out now please. Makes me wish there was a button that I could push that would hide all pregnancy related posts. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

Puggy has had this place come up on her leg. It started off small, and I thought it was skin tag. But, it has grown bigger. The vet said we could watch it, and if it goes away, it was just a jajgajdgjgsjd(i have no idea what the word actually was)----big word that ended in cyst. I have no idea what he said. If not, she'll need it removed due to the possibility of being cancerous which will cost around 450. Not fun.

I had VS ringin' my mummy's phone off the hook this morning. Evidently, I hadn't paid my bill since July? Ummmmm, I am OCD about paying my bills on time and was freaking out. They had the wrong city and right zip. Not sure why it didn't get to my house??? Anyway, props to the rep I talked to at VS. He was super nice, took off the late fees and I paid the balance in full. I mean who would default on $56?!?!?!?! He also said once the payment clears he'll adjust the payment dates and my credit won't be hurt. Sheesh! This is almost too much for me to handle today.

I hope y'all have a much better day than I've started out with.

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REBrown said...

Poor little puglet! We have to take Rosa our pug to the vet this weekend too.

JMB said...

"Mask the smell of puberty" I love you! I have that exact plug-in and love it.


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