Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days: Day 9--Pinteresting and Fleabaying

Oh, how pinteresting!!!!! I'm a fair-weather friend to old P.  I get on these kicks where I spend so much time on it and then, zilch. nada. nothing.

So, I'd saved this pic for awhile on one of my Pinterest boards. Btw, if we're not Pinterest friends, let's be. You can find me here. I pin all kind of randomness like: Pretty Things I'll Never Be Able to Afford, For the Home, Scentsy stuff, Le Bebe (you know the imaginary baby that's not in my life yet), party ideas, etc. You know lots of fun and pretty things!

 I thought this would be great for the wall that is outside our bedroom.

The owner of this pic has more of an eclectic style than I do. She mixes vintage with modern. Those Syroco mirrors and candlesticks might be from the 50-70s. (ha, i bet you're like when did you go all antiques roadshow on me! i am not an antiques connoisseur; it's called google. ha!) I googled hollywood regency mirror and saw one of the mirrors. With a little flebaying, I found a similar mirror and the exact same candlesticks. I'm hoping it turns out well. I'm not home decor diva over here; so, we'll see...

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Preppy Empty Nester said...

I'm the same way with Pinterest. Sometime's I feel like I can't get enough and yet other times I could take it or leave it. I do use it at when I need some inspiration to blog.

Unknown said...

Just followed you! Love your boards!


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