Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days: Day 17-19

Guess I missed a few days:( Friday, I dropped off my Scentsy basket to my co-worker. I'm hoping she does well enough to earn her some rewards!!!! I think the basket came out cute!! It's gold with a hint of glitter on it. I found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby and loved that it was green and purple which are the Scentsy colors:)

Also, we have a state test on Monday in Math. I had to cover up all my posters or anything with words on it in case you know my pronoun poster might spark something in my students' minds about x=y. Ridic! But better to be safe than sorry!

Yesterday,  I had Saturday school. Saturday school at my school is voluntary, and I do get paid extra if I d do it. The kids didn't show up for it; therefore, I got to go home after 30 minutes. Get paid for 4hrs and had to only be there 30 minutes...don't mind if I do!

When I got home, LC and I worked on my photo collage wall. It looks really good! When I get the other two pictures in to put in the frames, I'll take a pic and show you. It came out much better than I expected. In fact, I'm pretty proud. Well, I did "borrow" the idea from Pinterest so I can't take the credit. And later on that night we went to see this girl sing!
Isn't she adorable!?!?!?! My little cousin, Brittany, is a singer/songwriter. She played at a local venue last night. She's great a birthday parties and all that stuff. You can check her out here!

Today has just been a catch up day. Went to visit my parents since I won't be able to see them next weekend, and I am doing laundry.

Oh, and I'm still in the first season of Lost, and it's getting soooooooooo good!

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Leslie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Your basket turned out beautifully.

REBrown said...

I love your cousin's blazer!


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