Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days: Day 26--Halloween!

Last night, my bff and I went with LC to a party thrown by someone that works with him down at court. I don't know how to even begin to describe the decor. It was AWESOME! Everything inside and out was decorated for Halloween. I mean spiders on the ceilings to old, apothecary type jars with "spooky" ingredients to things hanging off light fixtures. It was cool!!! The party was costume optional so since it was cold I decided to go as my normal self. :)
Excuse the garage pic. We were barely lucky enough to get our "photog" ahem, LC to even take this one. I am seriously loving the LP multi sea me murfee. It's SO pretty. I can't tell you how many people have stopped me when I wear it.Do we look like midgets or what?!?!?! ha!

I thought this sign was cute. It said
 Ghost, Ghoul, & Goblin, Esq. 
Deals With the Devil

Now, the people next door to this house get in on the Halloween fun too. I wonder if they are trying to compete... Hmmmmm, it was creepy. The house we were at had fun, Halloween decor. The house next door creeped me out. Creepy baby in creepy crib, creepy babies eating skeleton feet, a guy in an electric chair shaking profusely and screaming from being "fried." I literally cannot make this stuff up. Here's a pic of a real carriage that had a coffin in it with a skeleton inside. For real, creepy!
And you totally have to see what was "driving" the carriage. At first, I was I thought it was real. After closer inspection, it was totally fake, but it's seriously the size of a real life horse!
Sorry for the blurry pics. All I had was my iPhone. I was glad to get back over to the party after looking at this. CAH-REEPY!

Oh, and I totes forgot about announcing the JoJo Loves You bling giveaway winner. Comment #27 according to
Lindsay said...
I liked on Facebook - :)
Lindsey email me so I can hook you up w/some blings:)))))))))))))))))



Brooke said...

Looks creepy! How fun!



E said...

I have that lawyer sign! I love it. I got during my first year of law school!

REBrown said...

Oh gosh that's a lot.

We don't really get any trick or treaters because we live in the sticks, but if I did I would totally go all out like this.


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