Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lilly's Bday!!!!

Yesterday was Lilly Pulitzer's birthday. While I couldn't go to my local Lilly store to celebrate, I decided to celebrate by wearing some Lilly last night. LC's uncle and aunt just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! We went to their party and this is what I wore:
I just love this print in the Shauna dress. Sadly, my seamstress still did not take it in enough, and it's still pretty big. I didn't have time to figure out another outfit so I just went with it. Wasn't the end of the world since I had on cute shoes, right? :)
PS-sorry for the garage pic. ha!

Happy belated birthday, Lilly! I hope you enjoyed a glass or two or three of champs and an EXTRA slice of birthday cake:))))))))))))))))

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Unknown said...

Love this dress! It's perfect for fall because it's understated but still has the bright colors!


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