Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wanted: Good Kharma

Y'all I need some of this.
Yesterday, I went back to the doctor for more blood work. They couldn't do the rest o of the tests they wanted to do last time because my appointment was late in the afternoon and those tests required fasting. Luckily, my OPK read a positive, and they had me come in today to take my blood. Fortunately, I didn't have to miss any work because my school is on Thanksgiving break this week. The nurse said it will take about a week for the results to come back. Thinking positive thoughts!

We really want a baby! I guess I wouldn't quite consider us at the infertility point yet because so far things look normal, and we really haven't been trying that long...but still I digress. You spend all that time avoiding it and then, when you want it to happen, it doesn't. le sigh.

What's strange is I feel more comfortable talking about it on here than I do with my family and friends. Hiding behind a monitor and keyboard is easy. I get tired of the "it will happen when it's supposed to", "when you stop worrying about it, it will happen", "just have fun", etc. It's the same song and dance that applies to when you'll fall in love, get engaged, and so forth with just a few words changed to apply to the current situation. It's frustrating. But alas, so is life.

On another note, I thought I'd mention that Southern Belle now has a few social media icons on the left sidebar. You can add me on Pinterest, Twitter, contact me via email, and last but not least, you can add me on Facebook (--FYI, this is not a fan page, so just shoot me a message telling me you're a reader, and i'll approve;) Guess, my little space on the internet is moving on up in the interwebz world. ha!


Leslie said...

I find that talking about stuff on my blog is sometimes a lot easier than with friends and family; especially with topics such as these. Sending well wishes your way.

Caroline said...

If you ever need to vent, I'm here. Even with adopting, I still hear things like, "be patient" and "just wait". So annoying!

kaizengirl said...

I've been exactly where are.
So glad I found your blog today!


Melissa said...

I went through a very similar situation so I can understand your frustrations. And honestly, I hate when people say just relax or it will happen when you quit trying. Those statements drove me mad!


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