Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday...

I never posted really about BF. This year didn't seem so crazy.I was actually at home in bed by 3am. I really think the stores did it right this year. The mall opened up at midnight as well as Kirkland's and Ulta. Other than the ornaments and tree, here's what I got:
pic borrowed. credit to website on photo
I got to Ulta at about 1am, and it was already picked over. I did manage to find one of these (Urban Decay-face primer and makeup setting spray) that someone had set down somewhere. It was only 9 bucks. Can't beat that. They are actually very decent size for travel size. Plus, this way, I can try them out to see if I like them at minimal cost.  I was sad that I missed out on the Lorac eyeshadows for 12 bucks. It was like a condensed version of the Naked palette. Oh well...
credit is on photo in a watermark. pic borrowed.
I'm a little late to the game on this one...I'm never really consistent with keeping up with skin care trends. I know this was all the rage earlier this year, late last year. Samples of the black mask much smaller than this were going on eBay for like 10 bucks. Never tried, but I did get this whole doorbuster set for 10 bucks. They are like deluxe/travel size samples. Very happy.
Body by Victoria                                                                    Sexy Little Things Noir

VS was doing 10 bucks off all their perfumes. So, I got these two pretties! Plus, I had a $10 reward coupon, so all in all, both only cost me $50 bucks. I love Body because it smells just like the VS shampoos and hair spray. SO yummmmmmmmmmm!!! And, I like heavier scents that carry, so SLTN is perfect:)

For once I am on top of the Christmas list this year. I'd already bought many gifts, so this BF was just about spending time with my fam and enjoying the madness. It's a week later, but what did you get???


Anonymous said...

The Urban Decay makeup setting spray is amazing - you'll probably be heading back for the full size soon!

Lori said...

Didn't go nuts either, but got some great deals and it was fun just being out! Funny enough, with all that I got most of it wasn't even for Christmas!:)
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and time with your family!

REBrown said...

Good finds!


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