Thursday, December 13, 2012

Had to Share!!!

Ok, sorry I have been MIA!!! This past week has been packed with making exam study guides, exam questions, and catching up on work. This weekend will be spent completing said exams to administer next week. So, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. :)

And, with that being said, I had to share this. Bridier Baubles, who's owned by Monograms and Martinis(a blog i've been following after i started blogging myself), is having a sale. She's about to have her baby so shop will be closed up til February. Tomorrow is the last day get 20% off your order using code MERRY.

I missed out on this the other day on one of the jewelry FB auctions:( Luckily, when Kerry posted about her sale, I popped over to peruse, and there it was the Britta Bead in winter pearl. Can't wait to get it in! Sadly, this isn't listed on her site anymore, but she still has some cute stuff left.


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