Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Goal Number 2

Gettin' my fitness on!

Alright girls, I'm just going to cut right to the chase. As women, most, if not all of us, are self-conscious about our bodies and our weight. I, for one, am one of those women. Goal  #2 for 2013 was to lose the 7 lbs I've gained. Well, I've begun that journey this week.

I'm not doing anything drastic. I started working out with some fellow teachers after school this week. They work out three days. On the third day, I work at my second job, so I'll have to do some kind of work out to make up for it on the weekend. I was dying the other day after our session. I am appalled at how out of shape I truly am. Literally, I could BARELY move my arm to guide the steering wheel on the way home. Honestly, I haven't used weights since high school (used weights for basketball conditioning---betcha didn't know i played ball, huh?) and only did cardio in college. I ran and walked almost every day in undergrad.

I'm going to just put it out there with the hopes of writing it down will make me accountable. I do NOT want to fail.

Week 1
weight: 130 lbs. on the dot
size: 6
(remember i'm 5'3")


Leslie said...

This is one of my New Year's goals too, but I'm in much worse shape than you are. Your plan sounds like a good one, as it seems like a real lifestyle change. I'm slow to get on the bandwagon, but I have high hopes that I can stick with it!

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I started back at the gym yesterday. : ) good luck!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I'm getting on the fitness train too... I have got to get my arms in shape for the wedding. BLAH!

REBrown said...

I've been getting up and doing cardio in the mornings, but I need to work in some strength training too.

LK in NC said...

Good luck! I started working out last year for a lot of bachelorette parties and weddings I was attending. Dropped 20 lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 2, and it feels great! My advice would be to be really gung ho when you're first starting out- for me, seeing results is very motivating. I also used to eat really unhealthy but now snack on fruits and vegetables almost exclusively. Don't buy ANYTHING bad so you won't be tempted! I try to eat really well and work out as much as possible during the week, then relax on weekends and just take my dog for long walks or something. I also relax my eating habits, and go out for drinks on weekends. I've found that working hard and being strict M-F allows me to relax those habits on the weekends without doing any damage. Good luck and hang in there!!


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