Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday Fitness

For some reason this didn't post on Wednesday. Better late than never:)

I'm still going at it. I worked out both days last week. We are doing all kinds of stuff.  Jumping jacks, burpees...I can't even remember all of it. I feel better, and I'm sleeping better. I'm hoping the weight will eventually come off. And, I finally broke down and bought some Skinny Cow at Costco. The past few months I have been eating a bowl of ice cream every night. No telling how many calories that was! At least with SC's, they are low-cal and will satisfy that "sweet" craving I get at night.

Weigh in: 130 lbs (no change---better than gaining, right??!?!)
Size: still a solid 6

PS- I am feeling less nauseated lately. I'm thinking my body is getting adjusted to the metformin. Yay!



Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

No nauseau, that's great!! And great job on the working out!!

Sara Cate said...

So glad you're starting to feel better!


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