Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skin Care Decision

So, I checked out lots of things y'all emailed and commented on concerning skin care. I made a list of pros and cons. Mario Badescu's drying lotion is amazing for clearing up blemishes. He had amazing reviews for his acne line, but  his regular skin care reviews were hit or miss. I do like if you contact MB that they will send you samples for free. They are substantial enough for you to get a feel of what his products are like, but still they are not travel size so they are not going to last long enough for you to see results if you get my drift. And by the way, being the English teacher that I am, the previous sentence is the world's longest run-on. Still I digress...

Philosophy had great reviews! I was even impressed when looking at their oil-free moisturizer and the eh reviews it was given on their site. They allow those to be seen. Some were good, a lot considered it bad, and others so-so. I felt that says a lot about a company who doesn't just show "glowing" reviews. I didn't purchase off of their site because they didn't have this particular set. I'm assuming this was a holiday gift set. I ended up buying it from Nordstrom's. I figured this would be enough to let me see if I'll like it, and it didn't break the bank. Think Beautiful Thoughts is on sale, free shipping, and with tax it came to right under 40 bucks.


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Gracie Beth said...

I absolutely LOVE my philosophy stuff!


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