Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love My Pearls!

Can I just say I am IN LOVE with the leather and pearl bracelet from American Pretty! When the owner contacted me, there was one thing that stuck out: she sells products MADE IN THE USA. That hits home for me. I never really understood til I became an adult what my father was doing. My father works in a factory that is an American company. He buys as many things made in the USA as possible. That is reason number one, I was never allowed to own a foreign made car if he was buying. I never really got that until I got way older. His company put food on our table, and if it was outsourced, we'd have been in the welfare line. That is the number one thing that made me want to collaborate with American Pretty. The clothes are cute too, but the principle. The principle made me think of my father's principle, and I liked that.

I was sent this bracelet, and I am extremely pleased. I like that it didn't just have one loop to fasten. I have tiny wrists, and being able to fasten another loop made it fit perfectly. Here is the stock pic from AP:

This is the same bracelet I wearing in my last OOTN post. Here's a pic of it on my wrist:

FYI, American Pretty is running a special on accessories right now. Free shipping on all accessories til February 14th. This would make an awesome V-day prezzie!!!

While getting onto AP's facebook page to browse around, look at what future prezzies I found:

**This is a not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. I did not receive any compensation. 

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TLF said...

Love that bracelet!!


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