Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Balancing Saturdays...

This past Saturday, I went to the Southern Women's Show. I, as well as a couple of other local bloggers were blogging for Lifetime's The Balancing Act.

If you didn't know The Balancing Act is a M-F show hosted by women for women. They even have themes for the days: Mondays-"My Life," Tuesdays-"My Family," Wednesdays-"My Empowerment," Thursdays-"My Home," and Fridays-"My Weekend."  Y'all should check it out:)

Luckily, while we there, we got to see a live taping of one of the shows. It's really pretty awesome seeing what all being an audience member and host entails! Here's a picture of me, Jamie from Mommy on a Mission , and Bekah from Matters of Merrymaking with one of the hosts, Danielle Knox. Can I just say I do not know how they do it under those lights! They are so bright and show every blemish. I'll stick to my mediocre lighting which means less makeup work. ha!

Danielle, Me, Jamie, and Bekah

You'd be SO proud. I only bought two things. One of them wasn't even for me. I ended finding some Scentsy bars that are discontinued that a customer of mine LOVES and picked some up for her. And, my wedding ring is always dingy, dirty. I NEVER take it off; I'm too scared I'll lose/leave/misplace it. LC had dropped me off and was running late to pick me up, so needless to say,  I got sucked in by the ring cleaning ladies line and sinker. We're the only cleaner allowed at the international gem show... Yeah, why not? And, drumroll please, insert second purchase right here. I don't have any cleaner; therefore, I decided this was a necessity:) After the cleaning, LC still wasn't there, so the enticing "Let me curl your hair" drew me in. I figured what the heck, we are leaving after this to head to LC's aunt's 70th birthday party---this just means I won't have to fix my hair. Win-Win, right? Yes, I think so too! However, the $180 hair straightener that will also curl your ends did not make it home with me. I think Ms. Chi in my cabinet was oh so very happy about this!
While "window shopping", I came across a booth with bracelets and necklaces with really cool quotes. The bracelet itself really isn't my style, but I couldn't help but snap a pic because of the quote. I think Anne was so right...

Finally, LC picked me up, and we had to take a couple we are friends with home. We were at their house, and I noticed my Tiffany's ring was missing. My heart literally dropped into the floor. That ring, albeit inexpensive as it is sterling silver, is very sentimental to me. My grandmother  left me her dining room furniture which wasn't the prettiest, and it could have been something awesome if I'd refinished it, but I was young and didn't have the storage, etc. So, I sold the furniture and used the money to buy this band. I never take it off and was so nervous the gem cleaning lady would not have it. Luckily, we went back, and the nice lady had kept it in her money pouch. Goes to show there are still good, honest people in this world! 

And of course, what post of mine would be complete without an OOTD (post-SWS)!

OOTD: Southern Women's Show
top: Lilly Pulitzer Elsa in Dirty Shirley
pants: SFAM jeans
shoes: Nine West
jewelry: necklace-j.crew/earrings-pearls from market

LC's aunt turned 70! She doesn't even look her age. I hope that I look half as good as she does when I'm seventy. She's so funny and full of life. She is a very talented painter, and I think she loved the cookies her daughters made for her. I think they were so cute that I had to take a picture of it to show y'all. They said they found the idea on Pinterest. And, believe me, they were yummy:)))


Diary of a Southern Belle said...

Oh how I miss the Southern Women's Show! Glad you had a great time! Love the top...Can't wait to purchase my 1st piece of Lilly!



Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

You look great! Hate that I wasn't able to go. I need another jewelry cleaner ASAP.


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