Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hog and Hominy

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There's a new restaurant in town, and we decided to try it for my belated birthday dinner. I love getting together with my friends because sometimes I feel these outings become few and far in between. My thoughts on Hog and Hominy (owners are the same as Andrew Michael's Italian Kitchen) is that it's good. It's small so be prepared to wait. The food was good! I had the corndog and sweet potato topped with marshmallows puree, and my hubs had the poutine and pretzel dog. I think the price and what you actually get are not equal in my opinion. Would I go there again? Certainly. Will I frequent there often? No. I will say this: it was good food and good times!
OOTN: Dinner Date with Friends
top: Express Portofino in neon berry
pants: Gap Skinny Jeans (old)
shoes: Nine West (old)
jewelry: j. crew-necklace/bracelets: pearl and DY
bag: Coach (old)

My Besties
Love these girls to the moon and back!

I go to the OB today as a three month check up since I've been on Metformin. I'm really nervous. I'm hoping for good thoughts. 


Bekah McDuffie said...

We went there for the first time recently and besides the poutine, I was not too impressed either. I did like the casual atmosphere though!

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I've been wanting to them out. It sounds like it wasn't that special though. May just put it on the maybe list.


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