Thursday, March 28, 2013

Warmer Wednesday...Belated:)

Here ya go, here's Warmer Wednesday...a day late. I got busy yesterday trading in an old pretty for a new pretty hence the late post. Details to come soon on that. Anyway, here's the warmer Scentsy picked for this week's Warmer Wednesday.
Birdcage Wrap over the Etched Core warmer
Etches in the porcelain shine through when lit, creating a uniquely textured, glowing warmer.
Romantic and old-fashioned, Birdcage features a weathered green patina topped with a plucky lark.

If you buy the Etched Core warmer and choose the w/wrap selection, you get a wrap included. One awesome thing is you can buy different wraps (cheap at only $12) and interchange them depending on the season and decor. They make Christmas wraps. I have a Silent Night one, and I love it!! Great inexpensive way to decorate and make your house smell divine! To be honest, I may or may not own this wrap myself. ha;)

Per usual, if you have any questions or are interested in hosting a party, just email me! [email icon on left sidebar]


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