Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sunday: Yard Day

Sunday, I woke up feeling somewhat better than Saturday. Again, we went to Lowe's and Home Depot to get stuff to help complete our flower beds. We bought more flowers and stone to encase the beds.
The front row is iceland poppies, the second row is drift roses and the row behind them is new guinea impatiens. The back of the bed is arborvitae, hostas, and a hydrangea bush. I think we are going to fill in the empty space with white new guinea impatiens and coleus.

Here's the bed on the other side. Our hostas are huge! And here you can see the stone we picked. It's not the same stone as the front bed in the yard; however, it's the same company and color so it blends nicely!

Here's an up close pic of the iceland poppies. They are beginning to bloom, and I just love them!

Puggy says, "Yard werk iz 4 katz. Ill jus supervize!"

Anyone have any experience with confederate jasmine? I love the smell of jasmine and decided to get this. Now, what to do with it....

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Lori Carey said...

No advice on the jasmine, but I do love the hostas. My grandmama had them and they were huge. I wonder how they would do as a container plant? I'd love to have some for my porch area - but we are in a rental.


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