Saturday, June 29, 2013


I had a good appointment. Thank you all for your good vibes, prayers, and thoughts! I'm so happy the news was positive this time. Even if I'm not pregnant,God has given me hope and that's all I prayed for:) So, thank you for your kind words!

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  On another note, a blog friend of mine alerted me to the fact a seller was using my picture so sell something on Fleabay. An OOTD pic, so my whole entire body is in the pic. I was furious. They didn't have permission to use it, and they could have at least had the common decency to crop my head off. I messaged the seller and told them that pic is me and please remove it or I'll have to report them. They replied candidly that google images is free for all. Ummmm, no, it's not. It's a search engine, and google doesn't own the rights to the pics. And, if they read the photo policy on ebay, you are *supposed* to use self-created photos or photos you have permission to use. Photos of the ACTUAL product. I messaged them back and told them I asked nicely and to take it down and the least they could've done was crop off my head and not to use my pics without my permission. They didn't. So, I called ebay. Sometime during the call, they took down the picture and messaged me saying since I asked "nicely" they took it down. I messaged them back saying I didn't appreciate it, and that they are actually doing an injustice to the buyer because the picture of me in the shirt they are selling is actually a two size difference from the one they are selling. As a buyer, if I thought that was the correct size in the photo and got it and it didn't look like that on me, I'd be mad because they misrepresented the item. That seller in return told me again google image is free for anyone to use and to stop harassing them and they could care less what I think, and they blocked me. Well, I definitely won't be buying from them EVER nor was I trying to buy anything anyway! Needless to say, looks like I'll have to watermark the outfit photos from now on. I swear people think they can just do what they want with no consequence. Blows my mind....

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Whitney said...

WHAT THE HECK! I cannot believe they would respond in that manner with you. Glad the photo was taken down though.


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