Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday

Here's my 5!
1. I am SO late on this, but I love LOVE Duck Dynasty. It's hilarious! I like that religion and family time are an integral part of the show. Not to mention, my grandfather was raised not too far from Monroe and visiting as a kid was fun!
2. I recently ordered Scentsy's shower cream to try out, and it's my new go-to smell good bathing item! I like the consistency of the cream. It's not thick or greasy and lathers up well.  Sunkissed Citrus is a combination of the following: oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. It's smells so good I *almost* want to eat it up. lol:)
3.  Palmetto Cheese's "The Pimiento with Soul." I am a sucker for pimiento and cheese. I'm a creature of habit and once I get on a kick of something I like, I can eat it every day for weeks. Lately, I've been eating Palmetto's original on my sandwich for the past week or so. And, I love the jalapeno version with Wheat Thins. I cannot take spicy food, so I can attest the jalapeno has just a little kick. Yummmmmmmmm
4. For all the people who complain that teachers get off all summer and don't work, that's not entirely true. I just finished up a 3 day workshop on the new common core stuff that's coming, and I did NOT get paid for this. Not to mention, I'm switching from being an ELA (English language arts) teacher to US History. It will be like being a new teacher all over again. I have no idea how to "teach" history. I have to learn the material. So, yesterday, when I got home from my workshop, I began to do research on unit plans, pacing guides, activities, etc. for the upcoming school year. And, I will be spending the rest of my time until August 1st working on this. Also, I have another 3 day workshop to attend in two weeks which I do get paid for. Teachers DO work during the summer:)
5. My new fave song right now is Blurred Lines. I crank it up E.V.E.R.Y. time it comes on the radio!
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2nd photo: my scentsy website
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Andie said...

I went to college about an hour south of Monroe, and quite a few of my college friends and AOII sisters are from W. Monroe, which is where the Robertsons live. One of my sisters actually mentioned on her facebook this week that she stood in line behind one of the wives from DD at the Redbox at walgreens like it was no big deal and then she walked past a display of shirts featuring her husband's face and didn't even flinch! SHe actually knows the family and she said they are exactly like they are on tv- focused on family and very down to earth. :)

Leslie said...

My husband and I love Duck Dynasty. Seriously, that show just makes me so happy. I think it's because Willie reminds me a little bit of my brother, and I enjoy hearing the southern accents (reminds me of my dad!). Happy Friday!

Jenny @ said...

Obsessed with Blurred Lines as well. Can't get enough of that song!

Have a great weekend!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Love Duck Dynasty and that song!


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