Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 on Friday... a little late but better than never?

Five on Friday is a day late... oops! I have been busy with being a "new" history teacher and life among other things.

1. Scentsy
I am so happy that I started selling Scentsy. I use the products and love them which is why I started selling them in the first place. And, it has also helped with the infertility costs of co-pays, blood work, etc. And, Scentsy is going to help now more than ever. We still haven't been able to get pregnant and were referred to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). While he said we could *try* IUI, he said IVF is basically our best bet. I was upset, sad, frustrated, and mad. However, the next day I woke up with a new outlook. There's still hope, a chance, a miracle, something. And if at the end of the day, if it doesn't all work out, we can still be parents. It might not be parents as we intended and our children will not be our genetic own, but we can still be parents just the same. So, once again, Scentsy will be helping me along my journey of saving for a baby:) So if you know anyone who needs Scentsy, please pass my site and email along. Thank you!

2. A sinus cocktail shot
Most people evidently outside the mid-south region of TN have never heard of this. When I googled trying to find out what's in this bad boy, I came up with several forums and posts about people who used to live in my city that have moved away. Their doctors have no idea what a "sinus cocktail shot" is. And lordy, I can't imagine not being able to get one of these. It never fails when school starts that I get a sinus infection. Normally, it's toward the end of September or October-ish, but this year it's back with a vengeance. Not only did I get it, but the drainage caused inflammation on my vocal chords which in return gave me a mild case of laryngitis. Imagine being able to talk but only at a whisper. NOT FUN! The kids at school have it, the principal had it, I got it, ugh...the list could go on. I hate going to the doctor. I'd rather just wait it out. Well, that was until a few years ago, when my parents told me to ask about a sinus cocktail shot. And, I tell you what, I hate shots, but this one is SO worth it. You will feel better in like an hour and like a new person the next day. Evidently, according to the interwebz, it's got a steroid and an antihistamine in it. I don't care what's in it. All I know is that I felt better the next day, my voice started coming back, and I am MUCH better on this holiday weekend than I would have been otherwise.

3. Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
A friend recommended this to me, and I have been using the generous sample Sephora gave me. I have noticed that it does help me in the mornings with puffy eyes and just looking refreshed in general. When my sample runs out, I will definitely purchase. It's relatively inexpensive when compared to a lot of eye creams I have been looking at. I just don't see how $60-100 creams that aren't prescription grade do any difference than a $30 cream? Maybe, I'm just not brushed up on my skin care...

4. N*Sync Mini-Split Second Reunion. Best thing EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was like being 17 all over again:))))))) Need I say more??!?!?!

5. Shopping my closet.
Well, let's face it, IUI nor IVF is cheap, so it will be shopping my closet from now on. I am going to a blog dinner tonight at a local Mexican restaurant, so this will be the perfect occasion to wear a top that's nwt in the closet. I lusted and lusted over the Tracy Reese for Neiman Marcus Target top for ever and ever. Then, finally, this summer, I was able to track it down on the cheap. I haven't worn it, and I'm not sure it's really the right attire for a casual dinner, but dang it, I'm wearing it. ha:)

Hope y'all have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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Whitney said...

loving that eye cream as well! I've heard many recommending that you place it in the fridge for that extra zing! :)

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Sinus Cocktails are amazing!

Ally Harding said...

Why have I never heard of this sinus cocktail?! I need it now! I'm always so congested! I've been looking for an eye cream so I may have to try the Origins one! I almost bought that Tracy Reese top when it was at Target and felt it fit weird?! It looks so cute on the rack but looked funny once I tried it on. Hopefully you had better luck with it than me!


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