Monday, September 2, 2013

Brunettes have more fun?

My natural hair color is not the golden tresses you see in my pics. I wish!

Well, if you didn't read my last post, or you missed it because you skimmed, we found out that IVF is our best option if we want to have a baby. And, IVF is not just a co-pay away, in TN at least, and with that comes sacrifices. The past few days I've been trying to write down what I spend most of my money on...clothes and my hair. No more clothes? Check.-already begun that process. Hair? ugh, so hard to let go:/

As far as my hair, it's a want. Personally, I think it looks better blonde; however, that's money we could be saving for IVF. I'm thinking about going back my natural color with a lot of caramel highlights or maybe a little lighter than my natural color with caramel highlights. The upkeep would be a lot less and save us money in the long run. I have a bit of grey, so I have to color my hair. At least this way, it wouldn't have to be done that often.

This is what I was thinking:
 light brown/dark blonde with caramel highlights

closet to natural color with caramel highlights

warm brown with all over caramel highlights

Which do you like? Any suggestions???

PS-I'll be posting about it soon, but the new Scentsy catalog is out. The fall/winter selection is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Check it out here
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jess said...

I'm a light brown with ashy undertones and highlights - I'm always torn about what to do, because I feel like even though that's what is natural to me, it's not as flattering as it could be. What does your stylist think? Oh, and I like the bottom the most, I'm contemplating doing somethings similar myself :)


Carolina Belle said...

Oh I love that last picture. I've never regretted going back to my natural shade. My stylist gives my hair dimension by alternating one shade lighter and one shade darker each appt with a partial foil. It's cheaper for sure but it still feels "done".

Good luck with your journey!

E said...

I think the warm brown with all over caramel highlights looks great! I would totally encourage you to go back to your natural hair color! As I think one of the best things I've done for myself was embracing my natural hair texture. No more yucky chemicals on your hair and you spend less time on your hair if it's the way it's supposed to be instead of fighting it. Also, you save a lot of money at the salon.

A Manolescu said...

I have really ashy dark blonde/light brown hair that basically looks gray if I don't highlight it--and makes my face look, well, gray as well :/ I am light-skinned and have light eyes and light eyebrows, so I need help to not look washed out...not saying that is your case, of course! What about doing it yourself? Perhaps you could stretch out the time between salon visits by touching it up at home? Maybe explain the situation to your stylist and see what she/he says. Good luck :)

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I actually really loved how you looked with dark hair so while I get that for you this is a sacrifice, but I think you will look fabulous!

Heather said...

I am having to do the same thing with my hair, because I am so tired of the upkeep. I love being blonde, I had root touch ups every 3 weeks. So I am waiting a few more weeks and going in for the big Brunette switch. I am also a southern belle blogger, glad to have found you!

Catherine said...

I missed your post about IVF. We are getting ready to start our 1st IVF cycle! The cost, wow, it's unbelievable! If you don't mind me asking, what's your diagnosis?

CoastingThroughTheSouth said...

I'm a fan of the first one, and in general, a sucker for brunettes.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I love LC's hair.


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