Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back to School 2: Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review

If you can't already tell by my sporadic posting, I'm back at school. lol :)

 Lifeguard Press sent me a Lilly Pulitzer agenda to review again this year. When they ask, the answer is always YESSSSSS!!! I love Lilly Pulitzer planners because they are so functional for me. I went with the Tusk in Sun print. I have a pair of shorts and a top in this print, and when I wear them, people always stop and ask where they can buy them.

FYI-if you're a local reader, the book in the corner of the photo is Good Abode. It's from the Junior League of Memphis, and I highly recommend it. It's not a cookbook but has tons of pictures and information about a lot of the older buildings/homes in the city. It's the one "coffee table" book I keep out with our wedding guestbook.

As you can see I have already started using it for the year. I like it because in the front of the agenda, it has a yearly calendar like this that you can open right to. Then, in each month's section, it starts with a that month's calendar. Then, follows a day by day with lines so you can write your appointments/dates in more detail.

One print I'm glad they included inside the agenda this year was Written in the Stars. I love my callahan shorts in this print!!!! Here is my horoscope for the year:)

I highly recommend this planner. It's whimsical, functional, and keeps my life in check.

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