Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School 1: Pencil Sharpener Review

If you're a teacher, you know your classroom pencil sharpeners break often due to excessive use or because they're cheap.  I saw a pin on Pinterest about this awesome pencil sharpener that was designed by an actual classroom teacher. Immediately, I went straight to the site from the pin and requested to review the sharpener by Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I received it and tested it out a few weeks before school let out.

front of the sharpener
The clear middle is actually a compartment that can be pulled out in order to dump the shavings. 
If you notice the hole at the bottom, that is where you can put in the clamp (it's included) that way the sharpener is stationary and stable. 

side view of sharpener
One of my students sharpening her pencil. 

My students fought over this sharpener. Well, not fought in the literal sense, but argued about who was going to use it first. The sharpener takes a little bit of getting use to because it's not like the traditional pencil sharpener, but once you do, it's awesome. It sharpens very well. The lead comes to a very good, sharp point without crumbling lead once my students put the pencil to paper. I would definitely recommend this sharpener:) FYI, I did keep it on my desk that way I could monitor the use of it. As you can see in the first picture, I've already unpacked it to use for the new school year. 

The one con I found was that it doesn't come in pink! ;)
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Leslie said...

This is so true! I had an electric sharpener, but it broke mid-way through my first year of teaching. I agree that the pencil sharpeners usually in your classroom sharpen poorly, and some of my 8th graders would attempt to make a career out of sharpening their pencils! I'm glad that someone has tackled this problem and that you will have it in your classroom next year!


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