Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Have been a little absent this week because I had to attend a teacher workshop. Today, I'm linking up for Five on Friday.

1. I'm obsessed with my new blog design. Aubrey from The Kinch Life Designs is the designer. She is great to work with. I sent her a pinterest board I had created. I wanted a new up-to-date design. I felt my previous one was a little overplayed with the chevron and a little outdated. Aubrey did a fabulous job at capturing exactly what I wanted: clean, updated, girly, and a little sparkle. Not to mention, she threw in some ombre. You can really tell on the header.  I just love it, and I hope you do too! :)

2. I was chosen in a little giveaway post for a credit to Prep Obsessed's sale the night I commented. I ended up using it on this little seersucker clutch that included monogramming. If you're not a fan, I definitely suggest you become one. Prep Obsessed is a flash sale site that often has items such as throw pillows, jewelry, clutches, tumblers, Lilly Pulitzer items, etc. Nina and Corey, P.O.'s owners, are the sweetest girls and post the cutest stuff.

3. I am getting this done today. During the summer, I don't go a lot of places, so I try not to dry my hair very much. In return, it makes my hair grow pretty fast. My roots are jank, and this is LONG overdue! :/


4. I have had this book on my nightstand for probably 3 1/2 years. I never got around to reading it because I had just started teaching and was planning my wedding. Not to mention, it's like 1400 pages. Often times I would just look at it and dismiss the thought of reading it because of the length. I couldn't sleep one night last week, and I picked it up. After that, I could NOT put it down. It's now in probably my top 3 books.


5. I am very scared and overwhelming about teaching U.S. history. I've never taught history before, and it is quite different than teaching grammar. I am so overwhelmed that I keep opening my teacher edition and staring at it aimlessly and slamming it shut. I think I just need to take the next few days and enjoy them and not worry about it. If you're a middle school history teacher, feel free to hit me up with suggestions, powerpoints, lesson plans, ANYTHING. I am starting from scratch and feel like a brand new teacher all over again.
A couple of back to school review posts will be coming early next week, so stay tuned...
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Amber said...

I'm a college history teacher (and history grad student) - I don't usually teach US, but I've taught it before. Honestly teaching intro level classes I use a lot of activities that would probably be helpful for middle schoolers - I'm happy to help or share anything I have!

Unknown said...

I love Aubrey's designs, she is SO talented! And your new design looks so awesome! I love the gold touches, so pretty! Have a great weekend!

WorthyStyle said...

I know you'll do a wonderful job at teaching U.S. History - it was one of my favorite courses in high school and my Mom did it in middle school. Use a lot of photos from your own travels to inspire the students! That's my tip.

A Wedding Story said...

Such a sweet little clutch!! Girls of any age would love that!


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