Monday, July 22, 2013

OOTD: Surprise Party

So, my dad was TOTALLY surprised yesterday! He really had no clue. I am so glad we decided to throw him a surprise 60th birthday party. My hubs made sausage rotel dip for an appetizer (my daddy's fave), and picked up Corky's Bbq (famous here in Memphis!) which included all the fixings to go along with it. For dessert, it was a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake and cupcakes with whipped icing. Sadly, I didn't take a picture til it was over:/

dress: Lilly Pulitzer dress in little lilet print
shoes: Lilly Pulitzer high McKims
jewelry: pearl necklace and earrings-market/assorted DY bracelets

My aunt told me I looked like a little housewife in this dress. Sadly, this look and my domestic abilities do not mirror each other. I am just no good at any of that. Maybe, one day? eh, who am I kidding---probably not. ha!

**note if you end up hunting down this shirt dress (it's from a couple of seasons ago), please do size up!!!! For something not fitted in the hips area, I usually wear a 4 because I have a slender torso. However, flow and all, I had to size up to a 6 and believe this runs small up top. fyi! not to mention, it's the perfect eating festivities dress--can't tell when I have belly swell from eating too much:) 

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Sarah said...

love the colours and pattern of your dress!


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