Friday, August 16, 2013

FIve at Friday

So, this school year has already started flying by! I cannot believe we have been in for two weeks now. History is vvery fun, but I feel like a student at the same time. Having to refresh and brush up on these concepts. BUT I'm loving it:))))))))))

1. I am IN LOVE with my new wallet. My old, leopard print fleabay purchase was on it's last leg so to speak. I, normally, save my credits for the Lilly sales on Rue La La, but lately, I just haven't found anything. They had some kind of accessories boutique, and I decided to bite the bullet spend my credit. I do admit, I like it a lot:)
2. Still loving my Boscia products! One of my co-workers even stopped me after in-service last night to compliment my skin. That NEVER happens! That made me feel like this regimen is working for me. Or, it could simply be that I have started to take of my skin like I should. I saw this product on one of the Pixiwoo posts about combination skin. She said it was a little pricey but a must have. Luckily, Estee Lauder was handing out travel size samples one weekend, and I decided to try it out. I feel like my skin is so soft in the mornings. I use it at night before I put on my moisturizer. Will definitely be buying the full size version when the sample runs out.
credit and link to product
3. KIND PEOPLE! Even though I'm not a new teacher, I feel like it. I'm having to plan out and learn new material. That's very time consuming. A couple of weeks before school started, I was researching history material. I googled TN teacher websites hoping that I would come across a history teacher in my state who had stuff on their website. And boy, did I hit the jackpot! This teacher does an interactive notebook and had all her activities on her site as well as the powerpoints. However, the powerpoints were in a pdf format. I wanted to tweak them a little b/c I'm not tackling an interactive notebook my first year teaching. I emailed the teacher asking if she'd "share" her ppts with me. Honestly, I never thought I'd get a reply. Not only did this teacher reply, she sent me ALL her powerpoints. She has no idea how much time she has saved me this year. Time I will get to spend with my family instead of working ALL weekend on planning. She has been a blessing to me by giving me a foundation for my class. She has no idea what this has done for me. I plan on getting her a Starbucks gift card and mailing it to her school. Believe it or not, there are still kind, good people in this world:)
4. Loving my Magellan warmer from Scentsy. I bought this last year just because I liked it. It was still in the box, and now, that I'm a history teacher---I thought it was perfect for my classroom. Cheesy? Yes, I know. Ha! Sadly, it's now a closeout. So, you can snatch it up for a mere $24!  And don't forget, for the rest of the month, most of the catalog is 10% off!
5. I ALWAYS have a koozie. I have them in my purse, in my desk at school, in the console of my car, in the cup holder in my car, etc. This has to be my new fave: one side say yuppie girl and the other has a quote by Phil. Lots of people always ask me where I got it b/c they want one. I'm sure if you watch Duck Dynasty that you totally get it. Because we all know I'm no "pioneer woman." 
You can get yours on ebay here
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Megan Ashley said...

I LOVE my Hobo. It is tearing after 2 years, but I put it through the ringer and stuffed it to the max. Time for a new one. Great as a clutch too. :)

Leslie said...

Lol, I love Duck Dynasty, even though I'm a yuppie girl too. I just enjoy that show so much! Great to hear about the teacher who sent you all of her materials. Thinking of you as you prepare for your new class and a new year!

A Possible Fantasy said...

love your new wallet!

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