Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh, Shift is getting old....

Once again, the Lilly Pulitzer End of Summer Sale crashed. CRASHED AND BURNED. At least last year, I was able to check out with a couple of things before it crashed. No such luck this year. And quite frankly, the "Oh, Shift" message was cute for about oh, FIVE seconds last year. NOT CUTE OR FUNNY AT ALL THIS YEAR.

Last year, they assured this would not happen again. Not only did it happen, it was WORSE. The murfees I wanted were in my cart, but I was unable to check out. Then, this error message kept popping up when I would refresh or try to go to the LP page. Then, when I was able to check out, LP had dumped my cart, and my items were gone:/

You might have broke the internet, but you did not break my wallet this year. In fact, all I purchased was a fleece I missed out on during the last year's ESS.

This is a picture I found of a kid's version from last year, and the ladies was the same way. I spent a whopping $49 bucks.

Needless to say, I'm definitely NOT impressed this year. Prices were higher than normal. I got better prices on sales this summer. Really disappointed; however, I didn't really like much of the past couple of seasons anyway. Kate Spade never has these problems. Looking like I will be shopping KS and Brooks Brothers a little more. Hmmm.............
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Anonymous said...

I agree! I bought so much more during the last sale. This summer I was just annoyed, the "Oh Shift" messages felt patronizing to me so by the time I was able to look I didn't want anything. I didn't even buy a dress this year and I ALWAYS buy at least one dress.


jess said...

Ha! I laughed as soon as I saw this title because I knew exactly what you were talking about! I managed to spend quite a bit, but mostly on accessories. Everything else was sold out in my size or just gone all together by the time they got their shift together :(


Emily said...

I was slightly annoyed that they already had the "oh shift" page all ready to least pretend you tried to make it work!

xx Emily @

Lindsey said...

The prices weren't that great this year either. All in all, I'm very disappointed with Lilly recently.

Eloquently Emily said...

I could never get my site to load! I finally gave up and said heck with it, bummer because I had my eye on a few things. Love your fleece though! Have a great week!

Southern Belle Mama said...

I ended up not buying anything! I had to go back once the site was back up, and then it wouldn't load items that were supposedly available. I'll shop my Belk end of season Lilly sales...and probably come out better anyway!


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