Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday

Here's the 5 things on my mind this week!

Lampshade Collection
1. I'm loving the new items in the Scentsy fall/winter catalog! Definitely check it out. LOTS of cool stuff:) There's even a new camo warmer!
Positive Vibes
2. Feeling blessed by all the positives coming my way! I helped facilitate an in-service at school with a friend of mine. We showed our co-workers some of the new things we learned during a cool workshop this summer. I was really nervous! It made my day to see one of my fellow teachers post and tag me on facebook saying it was interesting and informative. Totally made my night:))))) And, I had my SHG test done this week. The u/s tech said by the first look everything is normal, but she still has to manipulate the images so, I still have to wait for the official word, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I didn't have any problems like I did with the HSG and am very thankful the test went smoothly. 
Erin Condren teacher planner
3. This is the first time I've ordered a teacher planner from her. I definitely want to order one during her sale in May to have ready for the beginning of next school year. I like that it's big, the lamination is good, a list of all the holidays in the front!, stickers for teacher things like duty-IEP-holiday-testing-benchmark-observation-testing etc. I CANNOT wait to start writing in this thing this weekend. 
watching old school movies
4. Last Saturday, the Indiana Jones movies were on tv. We watched all of them. I LOVED these movies as a kid. LOVED is an understatement--Indiana Jones was my hero. Little tidbit for you new readers, when I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist. Then, a girl in my class was being really snotty one day and told me her mom told her that archaeologists work two jobs because they don't make money and it's not worth it. Talk about shattered dreams. If only I knew this girl would be a mean girl to me most of my life and that she was just jealous. Maybe, I would have chased my dream. C'est la vie...
50 shades of opinions
5. Dakota Johnson---put some mousy brown hair on her and minimal makeup, she could probably pass for Anastasia. FYI, she is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. 
    Charlie Hunnam--didn't even know who this guy was. I don't hate it, but I still picture Christian Grey being played by Christian Bale. And if you're going to cast someone who's 33 to play Grey, why don't you just go ahead and up the age in the film adaptation and cast Bale. Bale would be THE perfect Christian Grey. 
    And that my friends, is my two cents;)
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Megan Ashley said...

I love Charlie in Sons of Anarchy, but he is in NO way what I pictured for Grey. He is entirely too rugged...however it will be interesting to see how he does, I've never seen him in anything other than SOA, and that is a far cry from 50 shades!


What Kate Wore said...

I had no idea who Dakota Johnson's parents were, I am such a dolt! Loved that you watched all of the Indiana Jones movies, we love them too.

Sending you a smile,
tp (It's really me, blogger isn't letting me log in as Preppy Princess, it keeps using the ID from my other blog, arrgghh!)

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I'm not hating on Charlie as Christian. I was happy to be surprised. However... I would have loved to see Bale as Grey. Yum.


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