Sunday, September 8, 2013


This might be the one post where you're like I think she's lost her marbles. You begin to think the stress of history, infertility, life, hormones, and any other random thing you can think of has gotten to me. Nope. This is on my mind right now, so I thought why not chronicle this thought.

I've been researching my father's paternal line for my family tree intensively the past year. After my wreck a year and a half ago, the first car we bought was a Toyota Highlander--used. The first thing I noticed when I opened the car door were the letters DFW written on the driver's door, the part you don't see once the door's shut. Those are the exact initials of my grandfather. Of all the letter combinations possible, it was just very random that those were the ones there. They weren't visible unless the car door was open, so I never removed them. I felt in some weird way that my grandfather was watching over me. I felt it was a sign. Or, maybe, I just needed that sign. I was my grandpa's favorite, maybe because I was the only girl grandchild. I loved him, and he used to take me everywhere. He died when I was 8. It's his family I'm researching. The older I get the more I miss my grandparents terribly. I think they would be proud of the person I've become.

So, my question is do you believe in spirits or ghosts that live in our world? I don't know how I feel about it. I like to say no because I've never seen anything to make me feel any differently; however, I like to say yes because somethings in life just can't be explained by any other reason. Sometimes I get all worked up after watching shows like the Long Island Medium thinking those initials were there for a reason. Even if the initials on my old car's door really are just letters of no certain meaning, they brought comfort to me. And, I guess that is what's important...

What are your opinion or thoughts on this? I'm curious;)
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Whitney said...

Completely believe in ghosts!!! It would be a long winded discussion, but yes, totally believe :)


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