Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday!

My 5 on Friday

1. An unexpected "happy" from a sweet Southern Belle reader. Thank you, C! It was just what I needed this week;) She sent me some lucky socks to wear for my doctor visits, some polish for my toes, and some lip balm. I am so thankful for the readers of my blog. There are such KIND, GOOD people in this world. I've been blessed with countless emails and people telling me they're praying for us and just words of encouragement. THANK YOU!!!!!

2. A quote that inspires me. Not only did my sweet reader send me that happy, she also included this little gem with her card. This quote helps me get by. This verse helps me keep my faith when I often I feel like tossin' the Good Book out the window. I have to repeat this often and then, I calm down.  Here's the verse: 
"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you 
hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11

3. Supporting our Troops---It amazes me how the students I teach have no concept of 9/11. They were mere toddlers, so it's hard for them to understand the magnitude of what happened. On Wednesday, I showed them the video of the man in the red bandana. I highly suggest watching it. Very touching story! You can watch it here
I still remember 9/11/01. I remember where I was when I found out, what I was wearing, what the weather was like. Hard to believe it's so long ago. I love this warmer because I think it makes a subtle statement. And $8 from the sale of each Service & Sacrifice warmer goes to the Mission Continues to support veterans on their new mission of service here at home. 

4. Sparkly Gel Pens----I used colored gel pens all through out college. I'm really picky about pens and stationery. These gel pens were a necessity when I was in college. I bought a box this year and have been using them for various things. I had forgotten how much I LOVE these! Except this time, I bought the sparkly kind. I love how when light happens to catch it the right way that it just glitters away;) I did not buy the above pictured. I bought the Target brand, and they've worked great. 

5. Ready for fall----normally, I would NEVER ever say this, but I'm ready for fall. It's not that I'm ready to give up warm's that I'm L.A.Z.Y.! Wondering what to wear? Just put on a long sleeve tee and dress it up with a scarf, add some fun earrings, and VOILA! You've got yourself a cute outfit in about a minute. No more staring at my closet for minutes upon minutes declaring I have nothing to wear when my closet is literally overflowing. Since my HSG experience was so horrible the first go round, I bought this Lilly Pulitzer scarf in Pop after the second attempt when it was completed and finding out my tubes were clear. I thought this was just such a happy print, and that was just such happy news for us. So, whenever I wear this scarf, I will be reminded of the small victories:)
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Ally Harding said...

I hate this time of year because I never know what to wear! Fall/winter clothes are so easy to throw on and go and always looks great. But September is such in the middle. It isn't summer still, but sure feels like it, so you can't wear boots and jeans! Ugh!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Awww I love surprise goodies in the mail! What a sweet gesture. Enjoy your weekend!

Whitney @ Work it Mommy said...

I also had encounters with kindness this week; it feels good to be lifted up by strangers, knowing they went out of their way to make my day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Whitney @

Catherine said...

So happy you got it! I am praying for you daily my friend! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs & love!

Stephanie @ Tailgatequeen said...

What a great reader! So sweet.

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