Monday, December 9, 2013

Billie's Pecans Review

Billie's Pecans sent me a package of their cinnamon spiced pecans to review. Being that it is the holiday season, I loved when I opened up the package to see it wrapped neatly in Christmas paper!

Ok, let me tell y'all...once you have one---you just simply CANNOT stop. It's addictive. Literally, I housed this package in one day. I had some as a post-breakfast treat and left to do some volunteer work at the genealogical library and dinner with the in-laws, yet I still kept thinking about them. So, I decided to finish them off while watching Home Alone last night. You can't get more in the holiday spirit than that, right?!!!?!? They are seriously the best cinnamon spiced pecans I've ever had. Hands down. Not to mention, I consider it local. Anything within an hour radius of Memphis, is local to me. And, I LOVE supporting local businesses:)

A little background about Billie:
Billie Crenshaw raised her family of boys on a farm lined with pecan trees in Crenshaw, MS. She was a young mom when she started picking up the pecans that fell off the trees on their family farm. There were more pecans than her husband knew what to do with. He told her if she'd pick them up, she could do whatever she wanted with them. 
She took the pecans home and started creating personal family recipes in her family kitchen, starting with her favorite, Cinnamon Spiced. With her sons' encouragement, she sold her candied pecans in Memphis, gave out free samples at Goldsmith's, and built her business through word-of-mouth. 
Billie's Pecans is now housed in a 100-year old building on Main Street. 

FUN FACT: Billie's sends out 8,000 pounds of pecan treats every year!

Where can you get Billie's Pecans? Select varieties and treats are sold at specialty stores throughout the South, ordered by phone at 1-800-624-7404,  or online at Billie's Pecans delivers throughout the U.S. 

FYI-these would be PERFECT teacher treats:) just sayin'...
Deadline for Christmas delivery is 12/18. 

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