Monday, February 3, 2014


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. No? I hope so in my readers' case. Lately, I have just been in kind of a blogging rut hence the lack of posts.

So, I thought I'd just do a brain dump on what has been going on in my life lately...

1. My mom and I threw a surprise going away party for my aunt. She's moving to Naples, FL as I write. While I'm sad, I'm also secretly happy. It means holidays and vacations at the beach! I'll still miss her being close by. She lived in the town next to mine. But, I know she's going to be so happy living at the beach!!!

2. I am not a tenured teacher. They got rid of tenure, or at least the way to easily obtain tenure, the year I started teaching. My principal has already met with all the non-tenured teachers to let us know she already knows she has to cut a position next year. Talk about stress. Stress about upcoming state testing in a three months, to starting IVF, to now possibly being cut. I'm keeping my *fingers crossed* My teacher score was top level last year, and I'm not low on the non-tenured seniority pole anymore. But nevertheless, annoying and a tad frightening.

3. My mom was released from her radiologist. Now, she meets with the oncologist again this month, but her prognosis is great. Her cancer was removed 100%. I'm so glad that it was caught so early on, and to know, that God works in mysterious ways.

4. No, I still haven't been going to church. I think about it. Actually, I think about it a lot lately. I think I just need to do it. I think I will feel better. Something comforting about kneeling on a prayer bench and leaving it all up to Him.

5. I'm still sad on days, but it's better. I feel like it has gotten easier to see pregnant women, be around babies, etc. Then, days like yesterday, it's like a complete bitter-woe is me-relapse will happen. We watched the Super Bowl over our friends' house. I got to play with their twins. And, we were over there the day before celebrating the twins' birthdays. However, I guess it was just too much baby overload because I was kind of sad when I got home. Then, I logged on to facebook to see if *possibly* I was going to get my snow day, which you already know i did, and I think it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I see a former best friend, we had a falling out but made up and remain amicable, post on facebook she's pregnant. I guess I just got depressed because they have been together less than a year, and here we sit trying for going on two years with no baby.

6. On a much brighter note than number 5, I woke up to a new day today and was able to watch Downton Abbey and eat cinnamon rolls in my bed at 10:30am in the morning. No school. Yay!!!!!!!!

7. Oh yea, I'll post again, but it's transition time to the new catalog. All of the items (except for licensed/charity products) in the Scentsy fall/winter catalog are 10% off til the end of February!
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Unknown said...

"Snow"days are a blessing for sure. However around here (Munford), I'm not sure what to actually call them anymore...extreme temp days, ice days, or what the heck we just think we might have weather issues days. Nonetheless, they are awesome! Sounds like your plate has been full lately. Take comfort in the fact that lots of good people are rooting for ya! AND...guess what we're under another Winter Weather Advisory!

Sonya said...

No tenure:( They have redone the evaluations in our state so that it's not as hard as it was to get people who are tenured out. However, there's remediation process in the middle so I'm not sure how all that works. Our release method here is very strange. It seems like it's more by position than years. I was at the bottom last year, but because of my position I wasn't affected by the cuts. I'm not really worried this year because my position is a tough one to fill. The only other qualified people already have the other positions that only they would be qualified for so I'm not too worried.


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