Thursday, April 3, 2014

Delicious Toothpaste?

I'm not even kidding. DELICIOUS is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the new toothpaste I bought.

Last cleaning, my hygienist used a mint chocolate toothpaste for my cleaning. It was yum. I'm not a mint chocolate fan. I can't stand the ice cream, and I can only stomach one or two Junior Mints/York Peppermint Patties. I mean I like the candy, but only a couple of pieces. But her toothpaste had me licking my teeth. lol.

I was clipping coupons a couple of weeks ago, and there was one for a new line of Crest toothpastes, and one of those flavors was mint chocolate. Btw, I'm a total Crest fan. Only brand of toothpaste I use! Anyway, I happened to be at Target last week, and I picked up the toothpaste. I was kinda annoyed that I had left my coupon at home, but oh well...

And because the toothpaste is so amazing the not using the coupon isn't even phasing me AT. ALL. The texture is fluffy--kinda like whipped icing, and it's the right mix of chocolate and mint. Not too minty. Not too chocolate-y. And since my coupon is for $1 off, I will be buying another tube before the buck expires.

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Andie said...

We have a company based out of new orleans called Theodent that makes chocolate flavored toothpaste and they make a kids' version that is great. It's the way we get our 2 year old to brush. LOL

Unknown said...

I haven't seen this yet. Sounds kinda gross, but I'm totally going to have to try it. My 5 year old SS hates brushing his teeth so maybe this will be the trick.


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