Sunday, May 11, 2014

Infertility Sufferer's Thoughts on Mother's Day

Today is hard. I woke up to all the posts on facebook about mothers and their babies and how thankful they are. It's H.A.R.D. On this day, I wonder will I be celebrating next year. IVF is not guaranteed. Will I become a mother? The one thing I keep reminding myself is that I can always be a mother. It might not be the way I intended, but there is always a baby in this world that needs two loving parents.

Today, I am thinking of all of you childless mothers out there. Whether it's by choice, by loss, by miscarriage, failed adoptions, infertility, or whatever reason it may be. Today is hard. But know this, you are LOVED. You are loved by someone.

One of my Junior League friends posted this photo on facebook this morning, and all I could do is crack up. I definitely needed her post to lighten my mood this morning. Thanks, Jen!

All I could think when I saw this was NO MORE WIRE HANGERSSSSSSSSSS! haha
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Dee Stephens said...

When were in the trenches of our infertility struggle I had a friend tell me that I was already a good Mother for all that I was doing in hopes of a child.
That was probably the most comforting thing anyone told me the entire time.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Unknown said...

I 100% understand how you feel, I would avoid church on Mother's Day. As a mother now Mother's Day is so very bittersweet, you don't forget how all of those painful years felt. Prayers and happy thoughts your way, God's perfect timing and plan will all make sense one day, even though today is painful and scary.

Catherine said...

Thinking of you! This made me laugh!


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