Friday, May 2, 2014

5 on Friday!

I haven't done one of these in awhile. I always liked doing these Friday posts because I felt like it was a quick way to write out some happenings of my week. I think I want to get back in the groove of doing these!

1. State Testing
Today, my kids take their state history test. This was my first year teaching history, so nevertheless, I'm super ANXIOUS about their scores. 
2. Lilly Pulitzer Madeline sunglasses
At an affordable $38, this little gem is going to be mine. Not to mention, they come in one of my fave prints: Hotty Pink First Impression! I picked up an extra shift at my 2nd job this week, and I think I might use the extra cash to purchase these. 
3. Test Taking Treats!
Due to being nervous about the test, I was inspired by some things I saw on Pinterest last night and decided to craft some encouraging words that are being attached to a treat [box of nerds] for my students to enjoy during homeroom tomorrow. 
4. Royals in my Hometown
How exciting about the Royals being in my hometown this weekend for a wedding! There has been lots of coverage already such as their supposed landing and what not. Very Exciting! Wish I could just catch a real life glimpse of Prince Harry. Yum:))))

5. Kohl's $10 Gift Cards
Do any of you get $10 Kohl's cards in the mail? I'm not a Kohl's shopper, but everytime they send me 10 free bucks, I use it. I normally get fingernail polish, nike socks, etc. I've seen this jewerly line at Kohl's in the past, but I didn't think it was something I wanted to spend retaiil on. I went to Kohl's last weeked to spend my free money, and they had these on sale for 40% off with an extra 20% off. After using my $10 card, I only spent 2 bucks total on these. They are teensy so they don't seem to kitschy or kiddy for that matter. Very subtle and cute! They sent me another card, so I'll be going back tomorrow!
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eHa said...

I love that you used a hunger games graphic to express your feelings about the standardized testing. My husband teaches middle school and the standardized testing is so frustrating to him. He works with kids who live in our state's equivalent of district 12 and they're at a disadvantage not because of my husband's teaching but because their parents make them watch their siblings and do house work instead of study, or their home life is unstable and affecting their sleep, or they don't have enough food to eat so they're taking this important test hungry. Ugh.

April of Smidge Of This said...

You are going to ROCK those sunglasses - can't wait to seem them on you!

Rachel said...

Love those tiny sterling silver earrings! I have a similar one that I keep in my 2nd ear piercing all the time because they're so small and comfortable, I don't have to take it out. Those sunglasses are cute!


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