Tuesday, June 17, 2014

OOTN: Funfilled Weekend Part 1

The hubs' family came in town this past weekend, and it was tons of fun catching up!

OOTN: Dinner Downtown
dress: Lilly Pulitzer Beckett
handbag:Lilly Pulitzer
shoes: Gap leather flip flops in camel

1. reminder to take pics sans sunglasses. i have the TINIEST head and they just make me look ridiculous. 
2. pose where it does NOT make me look like i have a broken leg or some sort of weird leg disfigurement. lol. i'm not a "fashion" blogger,  but maybe i should research some so i can know how "to pose." lol. 

We all went down to a local place called The Rendezvous. It's one of those places that is on the "must go to" lists for visitors, but I know of better bbq joints in town. FYI, Princes William and Harry ate there last month when they were in town for a wedding. 

One item that NEVER disappoints is the sausage and cheese plate. I'll sometimes have it as my meal. If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen this, but I couldn't help but post. SO GOOD!

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