Thursday, June 19, 2014

REVIEW: Southern LIving's Scooped

YC Media so graciously gave a copy of Southern Living's Scooped for review.

title: Southern Living Scooped
publisher: Oxmoor House

Scooped features over 100 recipes ALL including ice cream. Most recipes can be made using store bought ice cream.

The book is divided up into the following sections: 
[i have included recipes i want to try from each section]
Meringue Nests with Ice Cream and Raspberries
Bourbon Pecan Waffle Sundaes
Caramel Cone Cream Pie
Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes
Fizzy Fruity Ice Cream Floats
Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Balsamic Strawberries

As you can see from the future recipes I plan to make, there is a wide variety of items you can choose from in Scooped!

I really enjoyed the inclued "Social" section at the beginning of the book. It gives you examples/menus of what to serve for your various ice cream social occasions. Also, I really liked that Scooped provided a homemade ice cream tips for success page in the shoppe sections. Shoppe is all about different types of homemade ice cream recipes, and for a novice like me, the tips page is helpful!! :)

When I first received Scooped, I was flipping through really i was drooling over all the delicious pics and decided to make the hot fudge sundae shake for this review. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo because the shake was that good. I was so focused on drinking this delicious little ensemble that I totally forgot to take a picture so I snapped this from the book itself.

This included ingredients such as vanilla ice cream, milk, hot fudge topping, caramel topping, whipped cream, brownies, and a cherry for on top. If you'd like the actual recipe, you'll just have to buy the book. I loved this so much to the point that I slurped up every drop. ha!

I would totally recommend this book!!!!

*no financial compensation received for this review; i was only given the book

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