Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today's Finds:)

Today, I took a little trip to the mall. My second job [only work there on fridays] changed the dress code to 3/4 length black tops hence the trip. It was not easy finding them I'll tell you. I found one top for like 8 bucks at Coldwater Creek [they're going out of business] and another one for like $13 on clearance at Express. My second job is at a restaurant, I don't like to spend a lot of money on work clothes since they end up smelling like "restaurant." All you former/current restaurant peeps know what I'm talking about!!!

And while there I just couldn't pass this blouse I'd been wanting for awhile...

 NY&Co. Ruffle-Front Blouse

I just couldn't justify spending 50 bucks on ANYTHING at ny&co. My local store didn't have many of these over the summer. It was sheer joy when I saw the red slash through the bar code. REDLINES = SALE! I took it up to the register and much to my surprise it was like 13 bucks. So with my 15% teacher discount and after taxes, I believe I hit at like $12 something. Yay! :) 

Women's Long Sleeve Pattern Supima No-Iron Shirt

I also purchased this blouse at Land's End. I'm thinking I'll wear it on the first day of school with some white pants. 

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