Tuesday, December 23, 2014

20 Week Update

This is my first "belly" pic. I didn't take them before this point. If you've read my blog for awhile or if you're new, it's been a long road to get this baby. I felt scared to say I was pregnant out loud, to post it on social media, etc. I thought if I did that, it made it real that it could all just go away. But the doctor assured me the risk of losing this baby is low since we are this far along, and he reassured me that it's okay to announce it. So, from now on, you'll get the cliche posts that every soon-to-be-mom blogs about! I am eternally grateful to the good Lord above that I am able to even type this post:)

size of baby:  baby's the size of the banana

gender: girl

belly button in/out: in

weight gain: around 7 lbs.

maternity clothes: not yet, but i did get some on black friday for when i'll need them

stretch marks: no

rings: on :)

nursery: looking for inspiration pics such as pinterest, blogs, etc. 

movement: kicks

symptoms: first trimester is over so feeling pretty good. no more morning sickness, more energy, etc. 

sleep: i wake up a couple of times a night to go to the bathroom, i'm a stomach sleeper so sleeping on my side has been an adjustment. 

best moment last week: feeling my baby kick. i have been waiting for the "flutters" to come as most people and sites describe them, but i haven't gotten them. instead, mine are little pokes from the inside. feels like a finger is just poking my stomach from the inside. 

cravings: pickles, clementines [halos], chick-fil-a chicken sanwiches, bacon

aversions: sugary cereal, pb&j sandwiches 

what I miss: soft cheeses like goat cheese and gorgonzola, having my steaks cooked medium, etc.

looking forward to: picking out furniture for the nursery and getting that done, deciding on a name, getting to meet her:)

OOTD: 20 Weeks
top: Vineyard Vines 
scarf: Lilly Pulitzer Riley infinity loop in amuse bouche
jeans: SFAM original bootcut
shoes: Sperry Topsiders
jewelry: Kate Spade multi glitter earrings

 photo Signature_zps23e90dda.png


Sarah said...

GIRL!!! So, so happy for you! I've been praying for y'all, and hoped that the social media silence was good news!

Leslie said...

Congratulations! I know that this has been a struggle, but I'm so happy to hear you and your husband's exciting news! It's also so exciting that you will be having a girl. It looks like you're doing great and congratulations on finishing your first trimester!

April of Smidge Of This said...

Yayyyyyyyy! You are stunning, mama!!!

Megan said...

Congratulations! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and just seeing the post title made me so happy for you!

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

You look adorable! I am so glad you are feeling better. :)
The Mini Skirt
The Grass Skirt

Carolina Belle said...

What a fantastic Christmas secret you've been keeping. You look beautiful mama! I can't wait to read along!

Just Jess said...

CONGRATS! I have been a reader for a while and I am so excited for y'all! You are looking beautiful and Merry Christmas!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Congrats!! This is just the best news!


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